Hydrogen Strategies of the World

The Countries

The 31 countries listed below provided a hydrogen strategy in english or german.

– Australia
– Austria
– Belgium
– Canada
– Chile
– Colombia
– Croatia
– Czech Republic
– Denmark
– Finland
– France
– Germany
– Hungary
– India
– Japan
– Namibia

– Netherlands
– New Zealand
– Norway
– Poland
– Singapore
– Slovakia
– South Africa
– South Korea
– Sweden
– Trinidad & Tobago
– Turkey
– UK
– Ukraine
– United States
– Uruguay

The Multiple Correspondence Map

This is the result of a multiple correspondence analysis of the hydrogen strategies of the 31 countries listed above.

From which the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Europe is primarily focused on importing hydrogen from low-carbon sources to reduce emissions in the transport sector.
  • Latin America and Africa share a common focus on exporting hydrogen produced exclusively from renewable sources, aiming to enhance their economic prosperity.
  • North America stands out as distinct, emphasizing energy independence and utilizing hydrogen for power generation.


This is the result a multiple correspondence analysis of the hydrogen strategies of Europe

Given the abundance of national hydrogen strategies, a closer look was taken on the similarities within Europe.  In this regard, a separate Multiple Correspondence Map was plotted, from which the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • A regional hydrogen supply structure with low carbon hydrogen as its source is a foundation connecting various countries within Europe.
  • Ukraine is focussing its hydrogen strategy on an export-oriented supply structure with the power sector as its main field of hydrogen application.
  • Austria, Germany and Netherlands are linked together by their focus on importing hydrogen utilized primarily in the industrial sector.


Discover how countries prioritize and focus on vehicle categories, hydrogen utilization across various industries, and the key industrial sectors.


This are the key takeways of the Analysis.

  • Geographic regions have distinctly different priorities regarding their hydrogen approach.

  • The most prevalent driving forces for countries considering hydrogen economies are being leaders and economic prosperity.

  • Latin America, Oceania and Africa focus the most on export, while Europe focuses on import.

  • Decarbonization efforts are strongly targeting the industrial sector.

  • The priority for hydrogen utilization in the industrial sector is on chemical feedstocks.

About Us

This page serves to visually display and explain the results and findings of the multiple correspondence analysis of the 31 hydrogen strategies available in German and English. This was conducted by Brianna Hansen, Christian Jin, Julia Paar, Martin Verhounik within the working group 23W UNT.301UB IP Fuel of the future? Regional hydrogen pathways in the context of international developments at the University of Graz.